You’re so lucky…

Can anyone else relate? Almost every relationship I’ve been in, I always hear the following from the girl’s various friends, family, etc. “You’re so lucky to have her.” “You better treat her right, or else….”

Seriously, after hearing a few different men talk about how men are actually the prize, not women, it’s got me on another level of thought.

Here I am, single for the past 3.5 years and happy. Quit my day job to pursue what I’ve always wanted, financially independent, and spend most of my time bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Conor McGregor once said, “I can change your bum life.” Not to sound too egotistical, but why in the fuck would I be so lucky to have a woman in my life? I think men should have this attitude, as long as they level the fuck up.

A wealthy, physically fit, non egotistical man who is on a mission of his own, isn’t something too common in my opinion. I’m not going to play games, I don’t look at girl’s asses on Instagram, never watch porn, never go out and drink, and I’m not glued to the television or my phone 24/7. Semen retention has taught me the value of my seed and why I never want to waste it on some random girl.

It seems like women are more worried about how others perceive them nowadays. How many followers they have, how their assess look, how many likes they have, and how many men they could have based off their dm count. How many women actually cook and clean? I do that shit all on my own, and I’m grateful too. Women also like to tell you how different they are or how weird they are but they all dress the same, want the same things, say the same things, and post the same things. Fuck that.

My new question to women is, what do you bring to the table besides ass? Besides the ability to have kids? I had a girl hit on me after a yoga class recently. She asked me if I used Instagram, which I said no, but asked her to let me see hers. She handed me her phone and her IG was full of gym selfies, ass pics, bikini shots, all that. I smiled, gave her her phone back and the only thing I said was, “there is only one copy of me and hundreds of thousands of the same exact copy or you.” Mic drop.

Stay blessed, level up, and realize how WE, men, are the actual prize. Stay single, and avoid those alimony or child support payments!!! Women aren’t worth your energy!!

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