My experience with an online female streamer

I don’t know if anyone will care much for this story. But I’ll write it out because it’s real, it happened to me. it’d function a red-pill for you, or if I’m honest, I just want to urge it off my chest.

I’ve been MGTOW for nearly 4 years. I’ve dated and slept with women therein time, but since my future (7 year) relationship ended with my fiancee telling me she can’t get pregnant, then her getting pregnant to a different guy…. i made a decision I couldn’t trust/love another woman because it might break me if anything went wrong.

In those 4 years I dated and each single woman confirmed to me that they wanted to sleep around and not plan to one man. Ok. Fine. I joined a well-liked video-streaming site approx 2 months ago and that i got lecture a lady who was an extreme flirt – but seemed fun and jovial, albeit her language was a touch sharp (to say the least). Anyway, we got talking and that we swapped numbers. i started to fall for her. She told me she loved me every single day and we’d speak on the phone for 4 hours+ per day – and when you’ve not been told “i love you” for 4 years+, your brain devours the dopamine hit and you begin to crave it.

Anyway, joining her video-stream became somewhat of an addiction. She kept our “relationship” covert , telling me i used to be the sole one.

My MGTOW knowledge told me it wasn’t true, but I rolled with it. Anyway, it seems she was telling a minimum of 3 other guys she “loved” them. She has been naked and doing unthinkable thinks to a minimum of 1 other guy. She was taking money on the location to try to to “requests” for thirsty, rich men. She even had the audacity to inquire from me to send her money. This woman makes $50 for 3 mins of video call (I never paid, but that’s what simps pay her…I acknowledged at a later date). 6+ weeks of being virtually brainwashed by this woman and I’m scripting this in disbelief.

I wasn’t trying to find a unicorn – i do know they don’t exist. But what I even have found (again and again) is that ladies are never, ever, ever “talking” to only one guy. Never.

Women have a “main” guy, a “backup guy” which is typically the guy who is dating somebody else and they’re waiting to pounce, and a “backup guy” who is typically the meal-ticket. Despite how this post may sound, i do know there are honest women out there within the world, but I’d say 98% of the ladies I’ve ever came into contact with during a romantic sense as master manipulators, liars, cheats and gold-diggers.

Here’s to a different 4 years+ of the MGTOW lifestyle.

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