It took me 28 years to realize…

…you are your own master.

Never had a girlfriend. Friend-zoned every time, with girls saying “You are good but not boyfriend good”. Love for me has always been one directional.

In high school I was ridiculed for being ugly, girls shunned me. I was miserable, felt unwanted, and depressed.

In college I was ridiculed for being ugly, girls shunned me. I felt, am I destined to die alone? Why do I have to be the one without a partner? Don’t I deserve love?

Now that I’m a single man with a very successful career and interesting hobbies, here’s what’s happening now:

  1. Same girls who shunned me in high school are approaching me for marriage.
  2. Same girls who shunned me in college don’t talk to me because I’m sexist for not giving them attention.
  3. Countless girls with 5% salary of mine and close to no educational degree, are approaching me for marriage.

Focussed on my career, I saw a huge shift in the opposite sex’s perception.

Stable career is the new sexy now, looks are superficial. Even if the guy is overweight, ugly as hell, career is topmost priority.

This is in contradictory to what happened in school and college, the good looking jocks are the cool ones right?

Then it hit me. IT’S NOT ME, IT’S THEM.

Watched MGTOW channels on YouTube to understand the mentality of females, and it blew my mind in what ways women can think.

Beautiful women are not beautiful by nature. In my case , 99% of women I have met in India have been extremely selfish and narcissistic in their decisions and mentality.

If I’m asked whom would I marry and settle with in my life, I would struggle to answer that because every girl I have met have a hook, a superficial one. They are not attracted to me, they are attracted to the money, the positive social aura surrounding me.

MGTOW made me realize, having a woman is a trivial part of life and not an end goal. It made me realize that, it is a social construct that if a guy is single, he is a loser, and is built by society, chads and women, that being single is NOT okay. It’s all a facade, a made-up propaganda, that getting a girl will bring you happiness.


When I think of being with a girl, I feel frustrated, dissatisfied, and insecure. I don’t trust women anymore.

The lesser I talk to women, the more at peace I feel. It makes me appreciate my parents and friends and what they did for me. It makes me appreciate how far I have come on my own feet.

It made me realize that I am my own master, and nothing can change that.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Thank you for the awards. I just wanted to share my feelings and I’m happy that the MGTOW community is so supportive in the discussions.

I believe this is one of many steps the society needs to take in reforming their beliefs regarding marriages and relationships. Looking at how many people have shared their own stories, it gives me assurance that I’m not alone in this.

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