I did the right thing?

Ok guys so here is the deal,

2 Days ago the girlfriend(lets call her Maria) of a friend( not a close friend but from time to time we go training together, hiking stuff like that) and me went to a birthday party from our mutual friend.

So it was a really nice evening with lots of deep talks and laughter. We also smoked some weed and when it was getting late i left and maria wanted me to drive her home.

When we arrived at her place she asked if i wanted to smoke another joint and of course i was down with that. We had some good talks after that and when i got up and said i`m pretty tired i`m gonna go now she was like wait a second i need to ask u something.

Long story short she explained how she always had a crush on me and wanted to ask me if i feel the same way. I explained to her that this is a nogo because she is in a relationship with a friend of mine, otherwise it would be different. She then proceeded to tell me that she broke up with him 2 weeks ago(they have an on and off relationship for a few years now) and that we only live once and shit like that. AWALT is the only thing i can say sadly.

Then i grabed my stuff and got the fuck out because i had two voices in my head, one told me to fuck the shit out of her and the other told me to do what i think is right.

I get home and think to myself its good that i did this but in constant doubt if it was “the right thing” because i know the sex would be great

The next day Maria invites me to coffee to explain the situation, she basically said she had a crush on me for several years and was too afraid to ever tell me. I noticed she wants to go again where we stopped yesterday and at the same time i feel a lot of arousal in me and her coming up so i had to get up and get away otherwise there would be no turning back.

I know i did the right thing but at the same time i would like to have sex with her.

I just wanted to know what you redpilled guys think would be the right thing.

Props to this sup btw, im a silent reader most of the time but i embrace red pill culture. Sorry if its hard to read but English is not my first language.

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