A friend : My life currently

My life currently

Hey boys, greetings. Long time lurker. Red pilled for a long time. Second marriage is coming to an end. She cheated twice. Against every better instinct and policy, I stayed around for awhile (she has one of my children). Not here for divorce advice. Life mentally is a little rough right now. Had to really drill it into her that it was over. She has the mental issues of her crazy mother (bpd type shit, attention seeking, lying, manipulation, selfishness). It took a tremendous amount of suffering to finally get me to where I could walk away. We have lived in different places for 3 months now. It gets easier every week. I’m an extremely logical, loyal person with a dominant personality. Don’t really have any friends anymore. I have a pretty low opinion of people in general. I post this because I really see value in cutting a lot of women from your life for the most part. No following hoes on insta, tiktok, etc. Don’t be out here subscribing to onlyfans. The more you do that, the better you are at chasing your purpose, your grind. They say a lot of what can help you develop into an unstoppable man is to be comfortable alone. I never liked being alone. But as time goes on, I really do. I have my kids a lot and love that. But as far as friends/women? Nope. And I find myself laughing and smiling more now. I am genuinely feeling happy a lot, even though this is tough. So thanks to the board for their daily posts, cheers gentlemen, we own our lives.

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